About Us

Why "Pink Elephant Jewelry?" is often asked when we first started this boutique jewelry line concept.  It was a name conjured from several factors.  The first reason is really an inside company joke - when we first started our diamond wholesale business over 25 years ago, some jewelry store owners would sometimes ask us for the impossible – either a hard to find diamond or a complicated jewelry piece for a very specific price and our joking response would be “finding that item would be like looking for a pink elephant.”  Initially based on an inside joke, we kept spinning the name around and ultimately  loved the images that the words “pink elephant” evoked: femininity,  strength, hard to forget, exotic and yet maybe something fun. The unattainable that has become attainable.  

Our Pink Elephant Jewelry line offers high quality diamonds and gem jewelry at a realistic price.  Our line of fine quality jewelry designed and created by people who not only love diamonds, but can appreciate the value of a well made piece.   

We don’t make and stock hundreds of the same pieces in our offices and in fact, most items will be made upon each order to insure that each piece is made with careful thought and planning.  

We pride ourselves in providing personal customer assistance and can work directly with the customer one-on-one.  Every email, telephone call and request will be personally answered.  Custom orders and suggestions for jewelry ideas can be offered by contacting us.  

 For 25 years, we’ve done our best in attaining the “pink elephant” items for our wholesale clients.  Our expertise allows us to introduce our Pink Elephant Jewelry to the sophisticated retail customer of today.  We hope you enjoy visiting our website and the items that we offer.  We had fun working on this website and we hope you’re as excited as we are with the pieces that we’re offering.  

Telephone:  877-pink456

Email:  trumpeting@pinkelephantjewelry.com